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Jo is an incredibly gifted healer and is definitely tapped into her powers. I really appreciate how much intention and care went into the session before, during and after. I've been having big time communication and spiritual blockages that she was able to pick right up on! Once the session started, it was pretty wild. I thought I may have to settle into before I get anything but NOPE! Within the first few seconds I could already feel movement coming from my feet up my body (where I later found out she started the work).

Ava W - Los Angeles, CA

I knew that Jo was a spiritual person and was THRILLED to see that she was doing remote reiki, since we are currently in a pandemic and all. I had no idea what I was doing and she guided me through the process and sent me some music. I usually only meditate for 5 minutes a day but these 30 minutes went by sooooo fast. Her follow up on the session was so spot on with colors, shapes, and even my distractions! I went into this feeling like maybe I didn't have enough time in the day, and now I feel recharged and peaceful without any stress.

Tillie L  Los Angeles, CA

I was initially rather anxious, as I'm a generally anxious person but from the moment the session started I felt a sense of calm that I'm not usually able to reach in my own personal mediation practices.
I was amazed after the session to find how much our experiences during the session linked. When I related to her that at one point I had a spinning sensation, she excitedly told me she had the same experience. The fact that even at a distance (covid safe!!) she was able to be so in-tune to my energy, that we actually connected for a time, really shows her strength as a healer. I left the session feeling a clarity and sense of calm I haven't had for months due to the state of the world.

Signe C - Seattle, WA

Between this being my first Reiki session (and the fact that it was remote) I wasn't expecting much from it, but boy was I wrong! Jo is incredibly good at what she's doing. She starts the session by explaining the steps that will be taken and makes sure you don't have any questions left unanswered before starting. The Reiki lasts 30 minutes, and let me tell you, I cried the whole time. Jo helped me release tensions and blockages I didn't even know I had and I was also able to feel my Grandmother's presence (something I'm extremely grateful for). After the Reiki, you get on the phone to discuss it with her. I personally loved this part of the process because you feel listened to and cared for, which is something everyone needs after such an emotional experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Jo and her practice!

Tamara C. - Los Angeles, CA

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