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Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Jo! My pronouns are she/her. 

I am from Duwamish Territory known as Seattle, and I am First Nations Indigenous to the Pacifc Northwest, specifically the Sts’ailes and Musqueam tribes. 

I currently reside in Tongva territory, Los Angeles.

I found Reiki through my own personal healing journey. 

I was working as a hairdresser for 10 years and was always trying to find balance in the long hours and physical labor. Not to mention the emotional toll of using busy work to avoid tuning in with myself. 

Reiki provided a space for me to tune in and heal in the most gentle and loving way. I was amazed at how it never left me feeling heavy, and how it brought out the joy and lightness in my heart. 

I’ve always identified as someone with strong intuition, empathy for others, a connection to animals and nature, and a spiritual core. 

In my hairdressing work I saw that my strengths were being able to listen to people’s problems and help come up with creative solutions.

When I finally followed through with the call to become a reiki practitioner, I found that I was able to combine all these aspects into this healing modality.

My sessions are designed so that reiki energy is both a tool and a space for healing to unfold.  I’m so honored to share this with you and bear witness to each individuals healing.

The Reiki principles:

“Just for today…

I will not be angry

I will not worry

I will be grateful

I will do my work honestly

I will be kind to every living being”

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